Hi, my name is Doug. I like wine, pizza, economics, politics, and Star Wars.

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i refuse to run any more regressions tonight no sir i’m done

i just realized how busy this week is going to be like
i just finished my philosophy paper
i have class from 8-2 tomorrow followed by work and i have econometrics hw due at 11:45pm
on wednesday i have work all day and two calc assignments due followed by an awards reception at 5 and a special session of senate at 7
thursday i have more class and work and i have to teach at new senate orientation from like 6-8
and then friday i have to work all day and then i got invited to a halloween party that i want to go to but won’t know a lot of people at so i’m scared
it’s currently approaching 12:30 and i have to be up at 6

i take it all back i don’t want to be an adult anymore waaaaaah

my modern philosophy professor and i have the same last name and it always makes me feel like i’m doing something wrong when i write papers